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Pro-Comp-Services - Your Virtual Asset!

Established in 2006, and founded by Darlene Cartier, Pro-Comp-Services provides quality virtual, administrative and specialized services to small business owners ready to focus their attention on their clients and their revenue stream.

With more than 25 years experience, Pro-Comp-Services offers a wide variety of expertise. We are equipped with the necessary equipment and updated software to get your projects done.

Clients can be assured that Pro-Comp-Services has a reputation for high standards and integrity, and we can deliver projects in a timely, affordable and confidential manner.

Darlene is a certified member of International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) and Virtual Assistants 4 U (VA4U). She is also proudly certified by the IVAA EthicsCheck™ Code of Ethics.

Darlene lives in New Hampshire with her husband and their two dogs and two cats.



Pro-Comp-Services IS "Today's Virtual Solution for Your Business!"




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