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What is a Virtual Assistant?

"Virtual Assistants (VAs) are independent entrepreneurs providing virtual, professional, administrative, creative, managerial, technical, business office, and/or personal support services.  VAs use the most advanced means of communication and the newest, most efficient and time saving office products, regardless of geographical boundaries.  VAs work from their own homes/offices, on a contractual basis, and abide by an established Code of Ethics requiring integrity, honesty and due diligence."

For any business, the need for extra assistance is often a roadblock due to limited office space, equipment and/or funds. The time it takes to find and train an assistant may be time that can't be afforded.

For those businesses that experience regular periods of heavy pressure, you may already feel the need for the assistance of an extra person to ease the pressure and keep your goals on target.

The alternative to employing a full or part time assistant would be to contract a Virtual Assistant.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • No employer hassles -- payroll taxes, overtime, employee searching.

  • No costly employee benefits -- vacation, sick time, holidays, health insurance.

  • No supervision required.

  • In most cases, no skill training required.

  • Highly skilled with years of experience and can hit the ground running on your assignments/projects.

  • No idle time -- you pay ONLY for the time spent doing actual work.

  • No need to acquire additional space or equipment.

  • Convenient solution to "crunch time" work, seasonal needs and/or work overflow.

  • More time to plan for the future of your business growth and make long range goals.

  • You now "have" an assistant instead of "being" the assistant.

  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing your VA is dedicated to handling each and every detail, is 100% reliable, professional, mature, and confidential.

Why should you be swamped with a desk full of administrative work when you could be doing the tasks that you enjoy doing; the projects that inspired you to start your own business in the first place?

Outsourcing your administrative functions will increase your productivity by 50% or more.  How so?  Well, how much is your time worth per hour? Would you pay yourself $100 per hour or more?  Then it's easy to see that it would make much more sense for you to outsource your tasks to a person whose hourly rate is much less than your own.

Growing your business can be a challenge, especially when you're trying to balance the needs of your business against your available budget. What can make things even more difficult is the increased load of administrative work that comes from successfully growing your business. A Virtual Assistant can help you lessen the burden without paying a small fortune.

Pro-Comp-Services offers a wide variety of expertise including, but not limited to, numerous administrative functions; document processing; spreadsheet design and management; brochure, report, presentation design and publishing; internet research; and much more, and is also equipped with state of the art equipment and software.

Pro-Comp-Services is your virtual solution -- YOUR Virtual Asset!



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